Mission Statement

Our Students, Our Philly, Our Future is a grass-roots
coalition that aims to rally the city of Philadelphia in a
movement to protect and preserve the public education
of our students. In light of the threatening financial
problems facing public schools today, it is our
organization’s mission to aggressively advocate for the
students of Philadelphia to ensure that all of our city’s
children have access to the quality public education
that they deserve.

Statistics illustrate the great gains that Philadelphia’s
public schools have made over the past 8 years. 158
schools (58%) made adequate yearly progress, for the
first time more than half the city’s students met state
standards, and there has been a 29% drop in violent
incidents over the past two years. It is undeniable that
schools are improving, our students are being
enriched, and that Philadelphia education is headed in
the right direction. This is positive progress that our
organization will not allow impending budget cuts to

Our Students, Our Philly, Our Future recognizes that it
will require the collective passion and strength of
Philadelphia’s community of parents, students, teachers
and leaders to make our student’s needs heard.
Please join our coalition and help ensure the strength
and sustainability of all of Philadelphia’s public